Trip to Panama (September 2002)

"Yes, the country, not the city in Florida"


Jungle Day 1: Fly into the jungle, and do a short hike.

This expedition is set up mainly as a birding trip,
but I went mostly for the great hiking in primitive wilderness.
Ancon Expeditions is the company that arranges this Darien jungle tour.

The expedition goes to Cana, descibed as the most remote place in Panama.


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Steve (California), Pete (New York), and Carmen (Panama)
at the local airport before the Darien jungle trip

Pete, checking out the critical jungle provisions.

That little patch of mowed grass is where the plane lands.
(No, I'm not kidding)

Arrival at the camp.  There are no roads into this camp, and the
nearest teeny town (Boca de Cupe) is two days hike away.
The right picture shows Steve, Hernan Arouz (guide), and a staff member,
with the Cana base camp in the background.

One of the few signs along the trail.
Vlad, the porter/helper guide, is holding a spotting scope (for birds).

Carmen, next to a huge steam engine used near mines to provide
power to various mining machines.  It was incredible how the British
got all of this heavy equipment deep into the jungle.

Steve, next to one of the mining machines.


Pictures: Page 1   Page 2   Page 3   Postscript


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