Craig M. Arnold, Managed Care Actuary

Services for Employers

 RFP Assistance: I can assess the effectiveness of your RFP process, to make sure you quickly and clearly get the answers you care about.  I can ensure that the questions on your RFI/RFP targeted to your benefit plan - you do not want to use indemnity-based RFP for an HMO.

 Contract negotiation assistance: Has your insurer or Administrative Services organization been able to explain your renewal in understandable terms?  Are you wondering about any hidden charges?  I can review your contract renewal and provide you with a clear explanation, without killing you with details.

 General data analysis and data mining: I can provide you with a professional analysis of your reports and data.  I will leave you with clean, clear automated reports that you will be able to implement and administer without tears.

 Reserving: Are your claim reserves accurate, or just cranked out of a canned program written years ago using factors based on someone else's experience?  I can determine a 'best estimate' of reserves, and avoid surprises or unnecessarily high reserves.

 Direct contracting with physicians: Let me review your contracts to ensure that you have cost-effective, fair arrangements.

 Stop-loss: Should you buy from your insurer, an independent broker, or self-insure?  At what level?  I can help you make these decisions.


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