Craig M. Arnold, Managed Care Actuary

Professional Qualifications

Craig Arnold is a professional actuary accredited by the Society of Actuaries and the American Academy of Actuaries. He is qualified to issue Public Statements of Actuarial Opinion on health care matters.

 Sixteen years experience in group insurance as a professional actuary.  Member of IRES (Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society) and IAA (International Actuarial Association).

 Extensive experience with HMOs and managed care.  Appointed to the Colorado Legislature's Health Care Task Force subcommittee on Affordable Health Care, in August 1999.

 Prior to doing independent consulting, Craig was one of two highest-ranking actuaries at RMASC, the management company for BCBS in Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico.  He has also worked for Aetna, Partners National Health Plans, Southwestern Life, and Southland Life.

 Broad multi-state experience with Market Conduct Exams and Financial Exams, both as an auditor and as a company coordinator.

 Specializes in small group reform legislation, capitation, reserving, reinsurance, FEHBP (HMO benefits for Federal Employees), and Medicaid.


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