Volleyball at Brookhaven
October 22, 2003

11 people, 2 nets, 70 degrees, no clouds: A perfect day.
We started at 5 pm, right after work.

Full of anticipation: Jenny, Susan, Marika, and Fran.

Beth ("are you talkin' to me?"),
Susan ("look, the world just went sideways"),
Ken and David ("What? Are we supposed to be doing something funny, too?")

Jenny and Ken: "Let's do the Time Warp, again!"
(Sorry, we can't print the "do the pelvic thrust" picture.)

Fran: "Whoa, please don't drop me!"
Craig: "Don't worry, she's really light.  Really, really, light."

Lori and Marika: "It's hammer time!"

Jenny (the victor) on top, Fran and Craig.
By means of explanation, Jenny had won a game where the bet was that
the losers had to carry Jenny around the field for the rest of the evening,
yelling, "Jenny is the Queen!  Long live the Queen!"

Lori, Cathy (on the "see-food" diet), and Jenny.

The whole gang: Beth, Marika, Fran, Jenny, Cathy, David S.
Kneeling: Craig, Susan, Lori, Ken.
David K. (inset)

And don't worry. I still have plenty of 'blackmail material' photos just in case.


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