Brookhaven Vball April 3, 2005

We had 3 nets, a dozen or so people, and great weather.
There was a second 'Karla Schottle' group with 2 nets, also at Brookhaven.

Mary Feeney, a very large Amazonian-sized volleyball player, in the foreground.
Left to Right: Holley Caldwell (sitting), Peter Gurd, Bridget Nalls (sitting), Chris Cosenza (back turned),
Karen Stewart (orange shorts), Brian Preston, David Kam, David Swink (partially blocked).

Clockwise, from bottom: Holley Caldwell, Tia ("I Love Nevada"),
Brian Preston, Peter Gurd, Bridget Nalls, Chris Cosenza.

Chris Cosenza serving.  The 'Karla Schottle' group is in the background.

Karen Stewart and Cathy Smith, giving the "V for Victory" sign to
celebrate their accomplishment of taking down a net without any assistance.

(P.S. If you think you have any better jokes, send them in.)


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