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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a web site?  Many different reasons depending on your situation. Here are just a few: (1) get new customers, (2) steer current customers to new products or services, (3) supplement information you send out on a mailing list, (4) sell products, (5) provide a source of information available 24/7 where customers can research you without having to call you, (6) reduce your administrative expenses by having your customers do part of your job (like filling out a form), and many other reasons.

What is a web site?  This sounds like an easy question, but most people don't know the correct answer.  If you have a 'web site' with a name like "YourName.something.com" or "www.something.com/YourName", then what you have is web -pages- on someone else's web site.  There are many disadvantages to this (ask me for details).  What most people really need is their own site, like "www.YourName.com".

How much does it cost?  For a basic site, most companies expect to spend about $1000 - $1500 for initial site development (from scratch), and $20 - $40 per month for web hosting, plus any costs for routine site updates.  Of course, it can be more depending on the specifications.  A site can be designed to be static (no updating needed) or dynamic (information changes periodically).

What do I get?  You own your web site name (www.YourName.com).  XyloWeb will set up your email accounts as you wish, such as john@YourName.com.  These email accounts can be managed by themselves, or forwarded to your existing email address (like john@hotmail.com).

Will XyloWeb host my site?  No.  XyloWeb focuses on providing excellent professional services.  We do not make money on providing or reselling hosting services.  We will place you with the host that makes the most sense for your site.

What does XyloWeb mean?  Well, a xylophone is an instrument, of course.  "Xylo" means "wood" and "phone" means "sound".  So it is an instrument making sound from wood (although there are metal xylophones as well).  XyloWeb is a interesting name created so you will remember it.

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